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The 1954 Morris Oxford Series II

Old fashioned though it might look by todays standards it still turns heads, but perhaps not as many as it did when it first rolled out of the BMC factory in Cowley fifty years ago.

The new look Morris Oxford was one of the most spacious 1.5 litre family saloons of its day and cost 744.17s 6d.

Autocar wrote in 1954 On both wet and dry roads the Oxford appeared to be particularly stable. The engine was lively and flexible, so that the car could be accelerated from a speed of 15mph in top gear to its maximum, which is claimed to be something over 70

The British Motor Corporation licensed it to be manufactured in India where the model based on it is still made by the tens of thousands - the Hindustan Ambassador.

Autocar India September 2004 "The car has also become synonymous with India. Any feature on the country by foreign television channels or magazines has to have an image of the Amby ... This legend is a part of India." View Article

Our Car

Mr Jelley, of Gomshall post office, bought his Morris Oxford from new in September 1954 and sold it twenty years later to Steve Monk who sold it to his brother, Richard Monk who then sold it to his friend, Eddie Lean. When Eddie emigrated to Malaysia in April 2004 he asked his friend, Richard Monk, to sell it for him.

Coincidentally, Richard Monk is the man responsible for spares for the Morris Cowley and Oxford Owners club. Five days after he collected the Oxford, we called him, having been given his number at an Austin Morris Day we had been to that day at Brooklands. We had found our Oxford!

Originally the car had a 1489cc engine, our Oxford was converted a few years ago and it is now 1800cc and it cruises happily at 60mph.

Driving the Morris Oxford Series II is a whole new experience, quite different from our former modern sporty cars: gear shift on the offset steering column, semaphore trafficators that pop out from the side to indicate and red leather bench seats.

We are extremely grateful for the help that Richard Monk of Monks Motors (Reigate 01342 841 625) has given us from patiently talking us through the basic mechanics of the Oxford to fitting a sump guard and giving us spares and a tool kit

Approximately 20,000 of the series II were made between 1954-1956, the majority for export, which may explain why only 150 are known to exist today.

Our Morris Oxford is named Florence after the park in Cowley, Oxford, England

Were now enthusiasts and members of the Morris Cowley & Oxford Owners Club. Secretary Derek Andrews 00 44 (0)1225 766800

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